Contixo F18 Brushless 1080p GPS Drone Wifi FPV with Backpack - FULL REVIEW (Re-upload)

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Contixo F18 Brushless 1080p GPS Drone Wifi FPV with Backpack - FULL REVIEW. Find the Contixo F18 RC Quadcopter here: . I have come to discover that I prefer compact, portable drones over the traditional sized drones. They're just easier to transport and get in the air and I think the compact size and relatively light weight takes away some the anxiety that you can have flying a big bird. The Contixo F18 checks all of those boxes, and it's a fairly stable camera bird that takes really good quality photos and video. *THIS IS A RE-UPLOAD.*
Find the MJX Bugs 2W here:
The review is thorough, so here is a breakdown of the video so you can go directly to the information you're looking for:
0:00 - 1:10 Intro
1:10 - 9:36 Unboxing & Overview
9:36 - 13:15 Prop Installation
13:15 - 13:52 Smartphone Mount
13:52 - 14:40 Binding Procedure (ONLY NEEDS TO BE DONE ONCE)
14:40 - 16:50 Controller Overview
16:50 - 20:54 Return to Home & Fail-safes
20:54 - 25:56 Compass Calibration
25:56 - 40:02 Flight Test
40:02 - 40:52 Pros & Cons
💥I forgot to point out that this bird is using a 5ghz Wifi signal instead of the common 2.4ghz. That's why it's able to get the video feed range it gets (I was getting about 350-meters or so with a clear picture). The important thing to note though is that all phones don't accommodate for 5G, so make sure to check that.💥
-Compact and easy to get in the air; smooth and quiet
-Decent flight time (about 15-minutes)
-Fairly stable camera platform despite not having a gimbal or image stabilization
-Good resolution in the video and photo output
-RTH and failsafes work as they should
-About 300-meters of video feed range from the 5ghz wifi signal
-Proprietary battery
-Live video feed range does not match true control range
-Prop installation is a bit cumbersome with the prop nuts and silicone washers
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