Eachine ET5 Mini Engine Stirling Engine Model Water-cooled Cooling Structure - 299.00 $

Eachine ET5 Mini Engine Stirling Engine Model Water-cooled Cooling Structure
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Brand: Eachine

Item Name: Eachine ET5 Engine Stirling Engine Model Water-cooled Cooling Structure

Size: 104*94*78MM

Displacement: 2.6CC.

Cylinder diameter: 13MM.

Itinerary: 12MM.

Weight: 1400G

Material: Brass And Stainless Steel

This is a mini engine. It is made of brass and stainless steel Water-cooled cooling structure. The bore is 13MM. The stroke is 12MM. Thecarburetor with adjustable speed is used. The ignition is powered by 1.5Vower supply.

Its starting can be divided into two ways: external force(electric drill)and manual starting.


Engine Startup Steps:

1.Check the wiring of the engine from the board, connect the fuel tankpipeline, and install a No 5 battery(. 5v).

2.Use gasoline(95=)to fill the fuel tank. After the filling is completedturn the flywheel clockwise on the right side of the engine(power switchsurface) for many turns. No air can be generated.

3.Turn on the power switch and quickly rotate the flywheel clockwise onthe right side of the engine(power switch surface)to start the engine.


1.If the ignition device is normal and the cylinder compression is normalif the machine cannot start normally, it is very likely that the carburetor oilneedle needs to be adiusted.

2.After tightening the main oil needle on the carburetor, loosen 1/4 turand start the flywheel, so that the mixing ratio of gasoline and air canreach the normal working mixing ratio.

3. When the machine stops, the power switch should be turned off.


1.Due to the different display and different light, the picture may not reflect the actual color of the item. Thanks for your understanding.

2.Please allow little differs due to manual measurement.

3.Kids should be accompanied by adult.

Package Included:

1x Eachine ET5 Model

2x Engine Spare Parts Start Device

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