Small Hammer 6CH 2.4G 15A Wireless Controller With Receiver For DIY RC Robot Car - 13.00 $

Small Hammer 6CH 2.4G 15A Wireless Controller With Receiver For DIY RC Robot Car
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Specificaiton for remote controller:

- Remote controller working voltage:DC 3V
- 1.2A receiver board working input voltage:DC 3.6V-6V
- 5A receiver board working input voltage:DC 6V-15V
- 1.2A receiver board size:55*33mm
- 5A receiver board size:55*36.5mm
This kit very good, it can control 3 pcs high power motor, it good for tank ,ship, car. we have make video.
- Since the receiver board is a special product, the unstable operation of the personal DIY, the receiving board does not accept the return and after-sales
- When the ship is remotely controlled, the remote control distance will be affected by the water level and the height difference of the water surface.
Specification for Signal Booster:
- Working voltage:DC 2.8v-4.2v
- Charging voltage: DC 4.6v
- Working current:80-120ma
- Working frequency:2.4GHZ
- Transmit frequency:14dbm
- Size:160x36x18mm
- Measured distance:about 500 meters to 800 meters , (actual test distance at 60 m wide city road in sunny weather)
- Communication Interface:SMA-JE
- Antenna interface:SMA-KE
- Antenna type:outside SMA inner pin high gain (3.0 dbi) antenna
- Charging time:about 60 min
- Working time: about 1.5 hours (when not operating the remote control can be signal intensifier
The signal booster used for this 6ch 2.4G remote controller, then the controlling distance should be more than 500 meters.
But if you used for another controller,then the controlling distance may be not so well.
- Signal enhancer can only use the original USB charging line, it is forbidden to use other unknown type electric charger to signal enhancer, lest cause damage because voltage does not match.
- Signal enhancer boot before use, be sure to let transmitters and receivers for frequency if the connection is successful, to avoid having too strong a can of frequency signal.
- With a 2.4 G remote control signal enhancer, if no signal is latched function, when the remote monitoring, unavailable, do not turn off the switch of the remote control, or to replace the battery, otherwise it will break frequency even, can't remote diagnosis for return. So for a long time before use, please do a full battery will be in use, predict to life
- USB charging line please use DC5V output voltage, output current 2000 ma (2 a) charger it is forbidden to use more than 2 a charger to connect USB charging line, so as not to damage the USB charging line.
- USB charging line in use process, shall regularly check the wires, plugs, casing and other parts for damage and found damage should stop using, until restored in use.
Package included
1*Remote Controller
1*Receiver Board

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